Monday, 28 July 2008

High Places – 03/07-09/07

I have chatted about High Places before on this here blog, I discovered them as they were supporting one of my favourite bands Deerhunter not very long ago and I went to check them both out and had an ace time. This is a collecting of songs that have been released previously on the odd 7” and all that good stuff. I completely forgot to pick this CD up at the merch stand, but I have it now and I’m a little excited to hear the new album they have ready, so in the mean time here is the rubbish titled 03/07-09/07.

I would describe their sound as sweet sweet tropical shoegaze. Percussion done in a live and sexy way on digital devices and god knows what else topped off with the sweet female vocals, that my sister has said makes her want to squeeze the singer as it’s pretty cute. Its mesmerizing and beautiful music that will echo around your head with it’s warm tones and tropical jangle. This isn’t just head music, oh no, this makes my feet move to the groove. High Places are like a light and very accessible indie version of Muslimgauze or maybe even Shackleton, especially in the drum department with bongos and loops reminiscent of Africa and all round the world.

Head Spins opens the compilation and its one of the best tunes here I really love it, the thing I notice about the CD compared to the live performance I saw is that I can actually pick out lyrics. Sandy Feat is the sound of skipping around a beach in the sun beams with the sea lapping at your toes. They are just two of my favourites on 03/07-09/07, hell just call it self titled after the group. Each tune brings a nice sunny edged swirling shoegazing little nugget of joy to my ears, there isn’t a bad track.

High Places make so of the loveliest music I have heard recently and as a little collection of odds and sods they have released before this is brilliant, it’s a very nice teaser for the forth-coming album as well.

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