Thursday, 10 July 2008

Move D & Benjamin Burnn – Songs From The Beehive

This album is sublime each tune is pure epic minimal grooves that take in many different influences from as far away as ambient music to acid house. I have been holding off from reviewing it for a while as I have just been enjoying it too much. Every song is so hypnotic and builds for so long some times you don’t hear that techno four to the floor beat for a good five minuets into the tune. Loop after loop layers up and twists into a big epic patchwork not unlike some of the music GAS has done. Then the pumping drums come in and take it to new dance floor heights. This music can work just as well at home and in the clubs, with some clever mixing and tune selection. There are only seven tunes on Songs From The Beehive but each one clocks in at quite some length.

The first track Love The One You’re With has a beautiful ambient loop that plays throughout and the beat melts in and out of this while acidic synths make a groove for your feet and brain. There is something a little Aphex Twin about it but not quite it seems warmer and friendlier, there isn’t as much sadness either. Velvet Paws follows on from the opener with a cushion of fuzzy bleeps and sweeping pads. It’s a bit dubby this one the building rhythms echo around in a soup of reverb. When the beat really kicks in its quite electro sounding and the bass motif that accompanies it really gets in your head for that hypnotic feel. A late night or deep sunshine haze is very prominent on Songs From The Beehive, I can’t decide when would be best to play it, either in a sun set mix in Ibiza or really late at night. Honey is maybe the stand out track here it has a wicked deep echoy acid riff and a pumping drum beat. It’s the most balls out everyone to the floor techno acid stomper on the album to, why I haven’t got it on 12” yet is a mystery to me. The synth pads then melt into a beastly acid line in the mid section that will really get things going. Like A Restless Sea is one of the shorter tracks yet it is still damn atmospheric and epic sounding. An underwater vibe adds to the distant electronic growl to make it a very pretty tune indeed. Come In is another low down dubby number with a great bubbling synth section on top of hypnotic beats. Mothercorn is the penultimate track, deep spaced out sounds fill the air around you with this one, it’s pretty irresistible. Radar is the final tune and its an epic one clocking in at over twenty minuets worth of beautiful ambient loops it really has space to develop and breath. When the beat finally comes in some time after five minuets or so the tune really picks up and comes into its own.
Move D & Benjamin Burnn have created a really cracking album that is beautifully deep and hypnotic while banging all the right techno and minimal boxes all at once.

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