Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Zomby Vs. M.I.A.

Zomby has made some of my favourite dubstep on the last couple of releases I have grabben. The Rustie mix of his Spliff Dub is huge, which you can find on Hyperdub. His 12” for Ramp Recordings Strange Fruit and Liquid Dancehall is another massive tune. Liquid Dancehall is a low-slung dirty dance floor bomb that reminds me of a war zone for some reason. Strange Fruit is a beast with its 8-bit arpeggio synth line and grinding beats.

What can you say about M.I.A. she has taken dancy pop music by the scruff of the neck and dragged it round the world to pick up loads of flava’s then dropping it off at a party. Paper Planes is my favourite track by her I think just for the irresistible loop and gun noises.

So when I saw these remixes up for free on
dubstepforum I jumped at the chance to grab them and thought I would share them with you lot too. The post said:

‘Since Zomby is such a lovely chap, he is giving away 320's of his M.I.A. remixes for free.. Enjoy!’ Ramp Recordings.

Zomby Vs. M.I.A. Tropical Mixes:

Zomby – Paper Jigglin’
Zomby – Eski Flu (M.I.A. Vs. Zomby)


Zomby Space

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