Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tellison, Tubelord & Ghosts in the Intercom @ The Junction, York, 28th July 2008

It’s a Monday night not much going down round my way, so why not go see a little Tubelord I say. I enjoy their melodic, pop, indie, rock, spazz tunes quite a lot. I had only heard Tellison by name pretty much, but that name suggested metal to me, but a quick look on the myspace soon told me I was wrong. They make some pure power pop indie rock that is both catch and has some inventive flourishes. Ghosts in the Intercom are some local kids as far as I can tell, they might be onto something if they keep tryin’.

Ghosts in the Intercom start proceedings with some kind of hardrock, indie stop start musical journey. I can’t remember a single tune of theirs but the sound has potential and if they practice and get some wicked tunes, they could be a good band.

Tubelord are who I came for and they didn’t disappoint and even had some new tunes since I last saw them. I might be wrong here but I think they had a different bass player this time round and he looked a lot more comfortable and danced like a bastard. I enjoy Tubelord’s moves the lead singer, guitar dude, moves like an indie rock sex flamingo, grinding and on one leg, while smacking out the spazzed out riffs and I mean that in the best way possible of course.

Tellison surprised me and not only because I thought the name meant they were a metal band. They were solid and had plenty of wicked tunes, all be it in a kind of generic indie power pop kind of way, but still done well and with some inventive flourishes that brought them out of the pack a little. All the music was new to me and I couldn’t really hear the lyrics so have no idea what they are about or indeed what many of the tunes are even called, but they had some followers singing along. It was their first time playing York and they seemed to enjoy it and so did the crowd, not that the crowd was huge or anything it was a Monday night in a venue f’ing miles away from the centre of town. Good gig.

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