Sunday, 13 July 2008

Joker – Holly Brook Park / 80s 12”

This is the new 12” from Joker who seems to be smashing it right now form what I can gather, it’s dropping on his new Bristol imprint called Kapsize in mid to late July, so soon if not now. The A-Side Holly Brook Park is an electro tinged dubstep beast with a slow kind of hiphop vibe to it. Holly Brook Park is so damn catchy I keep getting it stuck in my head; the synth hook is deadly and will smash the dance floor. It’s in the same vain as his last banger Gully Brook Lane, it could even be the extended mid section to that very track. I could see this tune crossing over to the Grime crowd someone spittin’ on it would work a treat. Hell some dirty south syrup drinking freaks could rock this tune too.

The flip 80s is a subtler affair and I maybe prefer it just. Retro 8-bit twinkles and synths make a sweet little tune that starts off like some long lost computer game soundtrack nugget before dropping some powerful bass and mournful melodies. The skitting electro percussion is in full effect here it reminds me of that booming old skool electro sound you get on Street Sound compilations. This 12” is a beast A-side and flip will move the floor in different ways. Check out his myspace bellow and there is a mini mix he did for Skream’s radio show that looks fat.


Joker Mix for Skream’s Rinse show

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