Saturday, 12 July 2008


I’m the proud owner of the new Worriedaboutsatan demo CD-R sent over by the band them selves. They are an ambient, electronic act that have a brilliant minimal techno edge and some post-rock sensibilities from Leeds. These influences all melt into each other in a hypnotic and beautiful way. The minimal styling is really shining through with this new stuff, as are the glitchy sounds and some huge bass sounds. On the new demo there are no vocals or guitar just yet and when there is they will no doubt be sparse minimal and add to the atmosphere wonderfully.

Of the three tracks the one I like most is maybe Evil Dogs. It opens with some sweeping reverberating pads not unlike something Burial would use on his mellower tracks. Then the glitch ridden electronic drums and clicks come in, followed by a big bass kick and other minimal moments of bliss. The bassline is huge and actual blows air at me from my speakers; I can smell them getting warm with every pulse. This all melts into some ambient textures and bass pulses in which a vocal sample echoes through before the kick drops in again. Excellent stuff.

Next we have the brilliantly titled Pissing About but you know that’s just the working name as that’s no doubt what they were up to when making it. The tune sounds anything but a piss about mind. I deep and bleepy synth opens the track with clicks and some ace tweaking with the reverb that is used so well in minimal. A sample of what sound like a female voice adds a bright edge to it. Pissing Around isn’t as dark as Evil Dogs but we still get all the ace fat kicks and bass. Worriedaboutsatan are hypnotic.

Arrivals samples what sounds like some kind of freaky train station conversation before having some subtle and beautiful atmospheric string pads float through. The cut up glitchy vocals are really cool and add a spooky element to the track. Skitting percussion loops build with subtle reverb as the vocals tweak. The bass then kicks in with a low hum and a kick melts out of the deep growl, and slowly groves away. More hypnotic and atmospheric minimalism: deep stuff. All the tracks are un-mixed, un-mastered and they sound damn good, studio finished version will be Phat.

Worriedaboutsatan are a wicked band make sure to check out the stuff they already have out, plus they are touring quite a bit too. Find the myspace link bellow for more details.


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