Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Maybeshewill – Not For Want Of Trying

Post rock can sometimes be a bit of a chore to listen to full of epic un-penetrate able sound and tons upon tons of artists that sound exactly the same as one another, a bit like prog rock for the kidz instead of all the dads. Maybeshewill bring a bit of playfulness to the post rock sound, which is well needed, in my opinion. The flit between styles while staying well within the genre its self. There are chugging beastly metal style riffs, sweeping piano lead moments and glitchy electronics, all combined to make a joyful album. They never steer to far away from post rock sounds and its regular template, but for once I’m not board senseless.

Ixnay On The Autoplay is the opening track and starts with fruity piano and a digital loop before melting into the second tune with guitar noise and drums. We get a good heavy dose of rock/metal riffing here in a post rock kind of way of course. I find the drumming a bit under whelming at times but apart from that I can’t really fault Maybeshewill. I especially like the digital passages they bring a little bit of flavour to the ye olde tried and tested Post Rock formula. The Paris Hilton Sex Tape is a beast of a tune. Again the drumming is a bit samey but the guitar work and drum machine rumbles perk it up no end. We Called For An Ambulance But A Fire Engine Came is a bit of a chugger I like it. The string orchestral part in it is pretty cool too. Heart Flutters even has vocals which is pretty odd for Post Rock, shouldn’t they be looking at FX peddles or something? Its good anyway the girls voice is pretty sweet. C.N.T.R.C.K.T. is a metal beast and one of the stand out tracks, I wonder what it means those strange letters. He Films The Clouds Part 2 is pretty beautiful, the piano and strings work up the melancholy while the skitting double time beats bring the tension, the guitars soon follow in a fuzz. More vocals appear on this one too, in the form of a chorus. Not For Want Of Trying is defiantly a stand out track, a real joy to listen to, with its metal riffs and beastly sound. The film samples are a brilliant addition; I wish their where more tracks like this on the album it would make it even better.

P.S. They are in need of a bass player find out more about that


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