Thursday, 31 July 2008

Kontext – Falling To Weightlessness / Aeromonarchs Attacks / Plumes / Blinkende Stjerne 2x12” EP

This is a fantasitic EP spread over 2 12” on Immerse Records and their little moto is, ‘breakbeat and sub culture’ this sums up the sound quite nicely. The first 12” is a high tempo yet laid back dubstep beauty but with the most minimal influenced sound I have heard yet. The drum sounds, bloops and crackles are right out of the minimal techno cannon of sounds. This is mixed with some deep bass and tech driven sounds to make an irresistible dubstep/minimal crossover. Aeromonarchs Attacks showcases this sound brilliantly on the AA side of 12” 1. As does it’s flip side Falling To Weightlessness with huge bass ringing through it and a kind of 2-step minimal sound to the drums.

The second 12” of the two is an even more laid back affair with slowed down tempo’s to about 90 bpm so around half that of dubstep and lots less than minimal, into ambient dubtronica territory here. Plumes starts with some epic tech dub sounds and builds with some clicky bongo loops and a kick drum in 4x4. Blinkende Stjerne has a fantastic sounding bass sound that moves up and down in a hypnotic fashion while the beats boogie along like some kind of minimal monster and even whips out a four to the floor kick.

Each 12” is brilliant and brings a nice sound to the table the first will get some huge spins in dubstep sets and the second will get played in minimal sections or maybe even pitched to fit dubstep. MinimalDubTekronica…

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