Friday, 11 July 2008

Jimi The Exploder Presents: DubTek

Mixed by me James Balf, in one take live using vinyl only @ my house on 10/07/2008.

Track List:
Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) [Hyperdub]
Pinch – Fighting Talk [Soul Jazz Records]
Radioactive Man – Nobbys Berwick Express [Control Tower]
Ikonika – Please [Hyperdub]
2562 – Kameleon [Tectonic]
Martyn – Suburbia [Apple Pips]
Peverlist – Junktion [Tectonic]
Pinch – Chamber Dub [Soul Jazz Records]
TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix) [Hessle Audio]
Martyn – Natural Selection [3024]
Dusk – Focus [Baked Goods]
DJ Ronaldo AKA The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar (mayday mix by Derrick May) [430 West & UR]
Martyn – Vancover [3024]
Bass Kitten + Single Cell Orchestra – Down With Digital [Pretension]
2562 – Morvern [Tectonic]
Pill Hearin – 146 Ways [Electrix Records]
2562 – Moog Dud [Tectonic]
Ramadanman – Blimey [Hessle Audio]

Download Link Bellow

This is almost my first Dubstep mix, I did another one and it’s floating about somewhere but it’s a little lame. So this is the new and improved DubTek mix by me. I have only just begun collecting Dubstep so my selection is a little limited as you can probably tell with the amount of repeated artists throughout. This doesn’t mean there is any filler mind, hell no. I tried to spice things up a little by throwing in some curveballs in the form of electro and Detroit techno as I felt they fit pretty nice next to the techy elements of the Dubstep records.

I love all the tracks so I will give you a quick talk through:

I open with Rustie’s remix of Zomby’s Spliff Dub its just a cracking tune with a wonky dub vibe to it, those 8-bit blips kill me every time. Pinch is up next and this track is on the B-Side of a single I love the low down dirty sound; it compliments the first track well. The Radioactive Man tune is a freaky electro stomper usually its at a break neck BPM but I pitched it down about 18% with my super human decks to make it fit, I just love a curve ball some times. Ikonika brings the stepping back with style and a catchy electro dub hook I have had in my head for quite some time now.

2562’s Kameleon is my favourite track from the brilliant Aerial album and I thought I would throw it in early to give you a banger to get the juices flowing. Martyn’s ace Suburbia is up next, its still a huge tune but it brings the vibe down a little in to deeper tech driven dub territory ready to build again. Junktion by Peverlist is another of my favourite tracks in this mix the big fat bass drum kicks are to die for it has a beautiful spaced out dub feel to it as well. Chamber Dub is the A-side to the other Pinch tune I played earlier and it’s a cracker. The bass of this tune and the last work well off each other and let me get deep in the mid section.

I whip out the anthem by TRG next Martyn’s mix of Broken Heart is one of the best Dubstep tunes around in my opinion. It reminds me of some deep tech house I love it so very much. How the hell can you come out of that beast of a tune without sounding lame? Well another Martyn track should do it hey, and that’s what I do with the new tune on his 3024 label. It has a techy dubstep vibe to it again and is an absolutely massive tune. Dusk’s Focus comes out of this nicely with a soulful dubstep mixed with Detroit techno sound, the 808 cowbells and all that god stuff make this track for me. Now for my next curve ball I throw in some Underground Resistance Detroit Techno with the mad organ and stepping rhythm mix of classic anthem Jaguar by Derrick May. I have had this track and loved it for so very long, I didn’t even need to pitch it up for it to fit the Dubstep tempo, its already that quick.

The flip of the last Martyn 12” is up next its a lot deeper and dubbyer than the A-Side and spaces out the mix nicely after that techno track before it. This is only I minor rest bite for you though as I decide to bring some electro beats in for the next tune. Bass Kitten + Single Cell Orchestra’s Down By Digital has been a favourite of mine for quite some time and I think it fits quite nice into this set. I dub it up again with 2562 after this and take another beast from his album; the techno dub vibe to this is brilliant I can’t get enough of it. I mix into Pill Hearin next, again I have had this tune for ages and was never sure what to do with it as its so quick for an electro/techno tune, its even pitched down in this dubstep mix. 2562 mixes out of this in a Phil Keiran/2562 sandwich that I thought of right away after hearing Aerial the first time. This is the start of my mix warm down to get a good deep dub ending so Moog Dub mixed into Ramadanman’s Blimey is a beauty to end with. I can’t get enough of Blimey its such a mad tune and unlike a lot of dubstep I have heard. The tribal drums and epic space decend into a beautiful melancholic soundscape, which fades to black and draws DubTek to a close…

Download: Jimi The Exploder Presents: DubTek @

Barefiles link to come…

P.S. The picture is of King Tubby’s bass speaker.


MLR said...

styles are flowing. keep these coming.



James said...

:) sweeeeet

I have more 12" on the way so will be cooking up sme more mixes in da near future.

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