Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Conor Oberst (AKA Bright Eyes) and the Mystic Valley Band

Mystic Valley Band is a Conor Oberst solo project with a diffrent backing band. He ha been playing some of the songs writen for the up and coming album live, some of which can be found online on bootlegs from shows. I'm a big fan of Oberst his vocals and lyrics move me with his beautiful picture painting. The instrumentation on these new songs are pretty standard folky acoustic stuff just like Bright Eyes, but maybe a bit more stripped down compaed to the last Bright Eyes album Cassadaga. These tunes might not be the finished artical by any means. I don't think this means the end of the Bright Eyes project, fingers crossed any way as I would love to hear more stuff like Digital Ash Digital Urn. Cape CaƱaveral is one of the live tunes I've tracked down and its a pretty joyful tune, one of the standouts. Milk Thistle is a slow sad acoustic number Conor does solo and its beautiful. This album could well be excelent and moving.

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