Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Seph – Goust

This is a free net release from Igloo an IDM and Minimal record label from Argentina. Goust is an eight track EP of Minimal Techno that really hits the spot. The title track has a subtle groove with woops and bleeps riding the low bass. The drums are tight and punchy. It doesn’t build too much but does work well as a DJ tool. Vitrios the second track as an evil sounding Minimal groove, the bass is especially evil. The breakdown is a freaky click out with what sounds like some one rubbing a finger over a shiny surface. Then ups the intensity a little before pouring shattered glass over you for another break. Dust Chords is maybe my favourite track on here the drums are excellent and the bass plays well with the rhythms. There are also wonderful warm synth pad sample loops, cut up to good effect to create the melody. Vamp is a slightly more aggressive number that again brings the evilness. With disjointed pianos and a hard-hitting fast tempo. The bass is really phat on Vamp and the higher register synth bleeps add some nice tension. There is a nice bubbling Acid undertone to this track as well. Monstruitt, has a growling intro, and mad scrapes before the bass drum kicks in. These layer up and elements are added until they are all playing there own part in a alien groove. Tangoc; has a really warm bass line and plucky little synth line. Espectros (feat. Dilo) is pretty scary with breathy vocals at the beginning before a wet squelch appears and echoes around, and then enters a deep sub bass. Ghostly and brilliant, the groove grows and takes you with it. Each track has micro precision and good execution. The final tune is a remix of the title track Goust by Someone Else. The bass drum actually blows air at you from the speakers. The sub bass helps things along nicely too. The clicks, blips and noise add something to the original track and make it a banger. I’m no Minimal expert but Seph’s Goust EP hits the spot for me. I’m sure there is more to come from Igloo too.

Seph – Goust IN004 can be downloaded here in the net-releases section

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