Saturday, 26 April 2008

Murcof – Cosmos

Darkness falls a silence comes over you there is something brewing, something beautiful. A truly ghostly atmosphere swells out of the almost non-existent drones. The tension builds and builds with each string and organ flourish. Cosmos opens up a huge soundscape of classical instrumentation with a subtle digital edge. Murcof manages to sound huge yet spares and minimal all at once. When percussion is used it is a cross between minimal techno and a more subtle ambient works era Aphex Twin. Sometimes you feel like your listening to silence but its still beautifully compelling. There is a mellow sadness to this piece of work it almost makes you feel alone in space. Cosmos has six tracks that would blur in and out of each other if the snippet of silence weren’t so noticeable between tracks. You notice the subtlest of changes in Cosmos as you find your self listening so hard and intently. Murcof is a Mexican musician who uses classical instruments and electronics in such harmony you can hardly tell which is which. His music has an epic wide screen effect on the listener; you can almost imagine some of your favourite and darkest moments in film being soundtracked by this. It’s a struggle to pick a stand out tune as the album works so well as a whole. Cosmos is almost like a minimal Burial, Murcof has created a masterpiece here: a truly wonderful brooding masterpiece.

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