Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sebastien Tellier - Sexuality

If you like the sound of a sexyer version of Justin Timberlake being produced by Dr Dre and Daft Punk in France then this album is for you. Its a G-Funk, Daft Punk soul disco master peice. Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo is the producer and this can be herd on the beautifuly retro phat sounding sythasizers and vocoder vocals. I have no idea where the G-Funk comes from, but I like it. Its all pretty laid back and pretty heart on the sleave cheesey pop in places. The song Divine is even Frances Eurovision Song Contest entry. Don't let all this put you off, honestly its worth a listen. Sexuality is slick and the stand out tunes are the opener Roche; which ignites with a beautiful car staring up, maybe a supercar that you had a poster of in your room when you were young. Divine; is excelent and catchy, its got my eurovision vote. The real stand out is Sexual Sportswear; this is a dance floor instrumental, a bit like Daft Punks Veridis Quo's older brother, I really love that song. This is a bit like Discovery era Daft Punk that has matured and is writing songs with lyrics. Sebastien Tellier's voice is sweetly sung and has real depth and emotion. Some places are beautiful some bits make you cringe, but it wares its heart on its sleave and pulls it off well.

P.S. I usualy post the album cover, but I really like this picture.

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