Friday, 25 April 2008

The Future Is Fight Pop

What the hell is Fight Pop? You may well ask, and I’m not quite sure but I like the idea of it. I’m talking about two new bands that excite me this year they are Johnny Foreigner and Dananananaykroyd. The phrase was found on the latter bands myspace page to describe their sound. I’ve gone and lobbed Johnny Foreigner in with this description to, which seems fair as they have a planed tour together. The similarities don’t end there either, both write amazing, joyful, energetic, powerful and rocking Indie Pop. They are different enough however, to have a distinct sound of their own.

Dananananaykroyd are a Glasgow six piece with plenty of balls to the wall energy and inventive tunes. They have released two 7” before and both of them have sold out, unfortunately way before I had ever herd of them. I will be making up for this by buying their new EP ‘Sissy Hits’ from one of my favourite record labels Holy Roar on 9th June 2008. I’ve only herd the songs on the myspace page and they are a real treat, plus a review on Drowned in Sound was one of the most glowing I’ve read for a new band. Who could resist the excellent name Dananananaykroyd anyway?

Johnny Foreigner are, I think a three piece, yet there are two more mentioned on their myspace, from Burmingham. They released an EP called Arcs Across The City that I have previously reviewed on this blog. Their debut album will be coming very soon and goes by the name of ‘Waited Up ‘til It Was Light’, I have a feeling it will be absolutely wonderful. The songs are again full of power and passion like all good Fight Pop.

Fight Pop Forever!

2 comments: said...

Agreed! I'm loving both the bands you mention, let's hope a few more emerge out and blow our faces off! - News, lyrics, reviews for all the top bands

Anonymous said...

yeaaahh! i agreeeee! nice Blog!

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