Thursday, 24 April 2008

Erol Alkan

This year seems like a busy one for Erol Alkan. He has been producing for several bands and seems to be on a mission to keep kids dancing. He has produced the Mystery Jets album 21, which has the excelent singles Young Love featuring one of my favourite singers Laura Marling and then there is the up and comming single Two Doors Down, which is just a perfect pop hit if ever I saw one. Then Erol has been at it again with The Long Blondes on there second album Couples. This has a heavey disco/indie/pop crossover sound not disimular to Giorgio Moroder. But right now I think his next producing project with Late Of The Pier will really get the kids dancing. The two songs I've herd are Bathroom Gurgle, which has been around quite a while and sounds a bit like queen doing a klaxons cover or the other way round. My favourite is the tune Bears Are Coming, this has growling syths and irrasistable drums that make it hard not to move to a yur local indie disco, the bleeps are also a treat. So the mission seems to be going well for Erol Alkan the kids will keep dancing. I just want more DJ mixes from him and more in the vain of his Hot Chip remix.

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