Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mrs Boyes' Bingo featuring Mark Sanders @ The Shed 26th April 2008

Where to start to describe this gig? You where greeted by Mrs Boyes and handed Bingo cards, then you could head to the bar and your seat. First on the bill where the Jazz Improv duo: John Edwards (Double Bass) and Mark Sanders (Drums & Percussion). They eased us in with some really quite inventive sections of Jazz, this ranged from atmospheric scrapes and shuffles to full on noise and rocking sections. They played off each other beautifully especially in the more intense periods. Edwards really worked every aspect of his instrument, its hard to imagine any bit of the Bass he didn’t play, I think I spotted he missed doing something with the holes on the side, but I could be wrong. Sanders, was pretty special and played his heart out, really working the drums in ways I’ve not seen before. I was especially mesmerised by the use of bells and, excuse my lack of knowledge, smaller drums on top of the regular kit to mute and add new dimensions. The duo really locked together on the loud sections, with awkward time signatures that chopped and changed, you didn’t know where it was all taking you, wonderful stuff.

Now on to the main event: Mrs Boyes’ Bingo Featuring Mark Sanders. This is hailed as a modern-day classic on The Shed website, they aren’t far wrong either. We are all familiar with Bingo the classic random number game, which involves crossing off lines and full boxes. That isn’t the surprising bit, that was left to the addition of Mark Sanders from the aforementioned Improv Duo. He played drums and percussion to accompany and distract the proceedings. I for one am so glad he did as Bingo rarely floats my boat. This was a wonderful addition to the traditional game. Sanders played off Mrs Boyes just like he would off any of his Jazz contemporise. His style has quite a range that added to the drama of the game. You never quite knew if you would be quietly serenaded with flicks and clicks or pounded into submission with smashes or cymbals and snares. I especially liked it when he caught Mrs Boyes off guard, as this added humour and also slowed her down, which was a godsend to us novice bingo players. The prizes where your usual affair; towels, lamps, gammon, electric hand whisk, the bottle of port got the best audience reaction. I was lucky enough to win a bottle of Irish Cream, which I’m pretty sure is a cheap imitation of Baileys and six shit glasses for a full house. You really had to shout to get herd over the numbers and drums, especially at this rapid fire pace. By the last few games every one was concentrating and trying there best, thinking they had finally come to terms with this magical combination. Then Edwards sneaked onto stage for some Bass action. This again added to the proceedings, as Mrs Boyes didn’t see it coming either.
Yet again another triumph for The Shed, I continue to love this place for its joyful and inventive shows and diverse audience. Mrs Boyes’ Bingo with Mark Sanders was a mischievous combination that you just had to love.

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