Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Mae-Shi - "HLLLYH"

This is another lot from LA like HEALTH and No Age in my other posts. Again they have a infectious energy, solid tunes and some kind of warped pop sesibility. This album is a sugar rush full of great hooks, 8-bit sounding synths, pure dance drums, heavey guitars and a lyrical flow some where between shout and American squal. the songs have a great hummour to them, I'm going to see them Live next month so I will post about that too. some songs that stand out for me are PWND, The Melody, Run To Your Grave and Kingdom Come. esspecialy the latter two, run To Your Grave is a pure pop gem and maybe the album stand out. Kingdom Come is an unexpected twist in the album, its an eleven minute dance floor beast, full of lo-fi synths and old school house beats. Its like a band deciding to play techno for a bit of a change and its pulled off beautifuly. Listen to The Mae-Shi and try not smile, go on I dare you.

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