Thursday, 17 April 2008

Why? - Alopecia

Why? Well because their brilliant. I haven't herd of this group before, the name cLOUDDEAD rang some bells for me when I dag a little deeper into the history. Alopecia is a strange beast of an album its not quite hip-hop and its not quite indie. the lyrical flow goes from rap style rhymes to an almost sung more emotional verse, or some place inbetween its hard to pin it down exactly and its all the better for it. The lyrics paint pictures like only a great song writer can. They are wordy tunes, which it has in commen with hip-hop. They are tender moments and hummorus ones, there is a really beautiful melloncholly to this album, which is missing from many a rappers repatouir. When I get into this album more I may print some of my favourite lyrics. The music these wonderful flows of storys and images ride on top of is far removed from hip-hop. It has more in commen with laid back indie in places, the beats have a nice breakbeat style. This album is so hard to pin down and a real grower. The song These New Presidents really grabs me as does The Hollows. Probibly another contender for one of my albums of the year so far.

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