Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV

I got my CD copy today through the post. I've had chance to listen to this quite a bit already and its damn good. Its perfect music for playing computer games to or as a sound track to a dark, grimey si-fi film. There are some really interesting sounds on here, many of which are twisted and out of tune. They make for good listening. Part of me wants some lyrics on this record, but this will do. It reminds me in places of soundtracks to games of my youth like F-Zero and that one I can't remember the name of that was like a new version of F-Zero with lots of Chemical Brothers on it. Its pretty sad and melloncholy sounding, but pretty with it in its own way. Spread over two CD's this can get a bit much and blurs into one some times. I do however, really like to use some of the tracks in mixes. The art work is really quite nice indeed, some of the pictures are beautiful, and if my memory is correct on this, visual insperation is what spured this project on. Reznor as produced a unique package here and fair play to him for releasing it how and when he wanted.

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