Wednesday, 23 April 2008

M83 - Saturdays = Youth

The cover of this album is a sun drenched green park with pretty young things beautifully posing together like a bunch of old teenage film cast extras, my favourite is the guy in the skeliton suit and the girl in the hat with ears doing a peice sign, you choose your own. Saturdays = Youth is a perfect title ofor this album it is joyful, epic and full of teenage angst, just like going out on a sunny Saturday when your to young to go out. The music of M83 is often over blown with massive sugar rushes and a heavey cinimatic influence. This is no diffrent yet it opens up the scope of his sound even more. The last record Before The Dawn Heals Us was full of melodramatic rushes of digital bulid ups and rock instumentals, it was huge sounding. Saturdays = Youth is slightly less over blown and melow, with more of a shoegaze feel to it. There is a proper 80's feel to it too. The stand out tracks for me sofar are Couleurs and Up! They have a New Order meets Shoegaze meets Kate Bush feel to them. The boy, girl vocals are really sweet and dramatic. I'm in love with this sound, and it adds yet another string to the bow of M83. I bet a live show is spectacular.

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