Thursday, 17 April 2008

¡Forward Russia! - Life processes

This is the follow up to Give Me A Wall and they seem to have grown up quite a bit since, the sound has matured. It's epic compared to the jagged guitar wall of the first album. life Processes isn't as imediate as their debut, but I think it brings more to the dance punk sound. The lyrics are still pretty cryptic and sung with a heartfelt emotional all over the place style, which may put some people off. My pick of the tunes so far are; We Are Grey Matter, which has a really nice deep and bassey drum pulse that progresses into monster guitars. A Prospector Can Dream; has a really good vocal hook and building drum lines. Breaking Standing; is the lead single and I wasn't to taken by it at first, after listening to it in the album contex its winner though. Gravity & heat; is probibly the heaveyest track on the album and not to far away from the brilliant limited addition single Don't Be A Doctor from a while ago. My personal favourite is the albums closer, this is the epic Spanish Triangles. I keep finding myself humming this tune. Overall this album is more of a subtle grower than Give Me A Wall. There are acctual song names instead of numbers, if you hadn't noticed as well. the songs are still complexed with twists and turns but this is done with less jagged edges and more power this time. I've herd some of this album live and it stood up really well with the older matterial.

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