Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ghostly Swim

This is a nineteen-track compilation that you can download here for free, I don’t know how long it’s up but it’s worth it. Ghostly Swim is a collaboration between the TV show Adult Swim and the Record Label Ghostly International. I don’t know what made them want to work together but this is a top compilation. Ghostly Swim is full of warm sounding, old school dance tracks all on the odd side and wonderfully retro. There are bubbly acid numbers and synth led bubblers. There are even some breakbeat numbers that verge on the trip-hop. It reminds me of stuff on Ninja Tunes and Warp. My favourite tracks so far are:

Aeroc – Idiom
Cepia – Ithaca
Dark Party – Active
FLYamSAM – The Offbeat (Well Wonky Beats)
JDSY – All Shapes
Matthew Dear – R+S (Which is simply amazing)
Michna – Tripple Chrome Dipper (Another awesome tune)
Milosh – Then It Happened
Mux Mool – Night Court
The Chap – Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley (Insane English pop)
The Reflecting Skin - Traffickers (Dark and slow burner with a real attitude problem, brilliant tune)



Anonymous said...

that last track is called "Traffickers" and it's by The Reflecting Skin. thought i'd mention it. but yeah- that comp IS good.

James said...

Nice one I will change it, the mp3 didn't seem to have a title.

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