Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ellen Allien - Sool

Sool is the lattest offering from Ellen Allien, I'm not to familular with her work before this, apart from the odd track in mixes. I've had a sneeky listen to this record, which I beleave is released in May. Its super minimal in places with some atmospheric sections and some dance floor bangers. Sool works as a whole unlike some dance albums. There are sexy breathy vocals looped into the mix of some tunes that add a really nice female touch that is missing from sme minimal stuff. I really like the track Sprung with its clangy honcking synth hook then fat bass drum kick, which builds and builds with some ouble kicks and other percussion, then drops some atmospheric pads in snipets. all these tunes are really minimal and not affraid to admit it. Elphine is maybe my favourite track on Sool, its a quirky number with an ace bass line and old school sounding drum kick and beautiful vocal loops that echo around you. The peccusion is spot on and clicky too, its real dance floor beast. The edits really make it to with suden yet subtle builds with tiney whistles, echoes and loops, before that bass kicks in again. Truley wonderful. The song Its sounds to me like the Jaws theme in a minimal techno style, which is no bad thing and reminds me of a Ritchie Hawtin 12" I have from the 90's. Its a delight to listen to if your in a dark moody minimal state of mind. I need to dig into this scene more I'm to out of touch with this wonderful music. It's some of the most exciting stuff happening in dance since acid house and techno came about.

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