Saturday, 26 April 2008

Ricardo Villalobos – Fabric 36

Villalobos has been a favourite of mine ever since I lay my hands on his 12” of ‘What You Say Is More Than I Can Say’ in 2006. That tune opened my eyes to a wider spectrum of dance music and the minimal scene, which I had only been vaugly familular with by listening to Ritchie Hawtin mixes and thinking wow what is this stuff.

The Fabric mix serries has some gems in it yet this one stands out, as it is also a full artist album. Villalobos has decided to make a mix of entirley new matterial made by him and featuring some colaberations. This strikes me as a brilliant idea on how to showcase new music. Its also a nice way to stop people from stealing the tunes and mixing them them selves. This keeps Villalobos’ music exclusive and makes his live appearences more of an event. Pretty clever stuff.

If you have herd Villalobos before you knid of know what to expect, really warm sounding minimal grooves, expertly blended seamlesly for amaizing effect. He takes influences from all over the world and slips them into a techno tapestry. There are ellemnts of Jazz drums and at one point a whole folk song re-made into a peak time minimal party anthem. The whole mix is a joy to behold with some wonderful builds and twists. If I had to pick a standout track it would be the centre piece ‘Andruic & Japan’ by Richardo Villalobos & Andrew Gillings. This track groves along nicley until a break down coems in which explodes with samples of Japanes drumming. The ryhthems realy hit hard and build to a cresendo then when the beat drops again the drum samples are choped up to fit the 4 x 4 house drum beat again, its an exciting moment.
A supurb tallent on the decks and in the studio, What will Ricardo Villalobos do next, I for one can’t wait to see.

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