Saturday, 3 May 2008

50 Not Out Celebrating A Half-Century Of Releases with Big Scary Monsters

Another excellent releases from Big Scary Monsters the recording company of choice today. It’s a big beast as well featuring fifty tracks on a mp3 CD. The bands featured are either on the Big Scary Monster roster, friends or just damn ace artists past and present. You can buy 50 Not Out from their website either on its own or as I did get it free with another purchase, what a freakin’ bargain. What a celebration we have here to; plenty to get your teeth into. Out of the ones I have herd before the standouts are if I have to choose right now, and I don’t:

Anathallo, a wicked group from across the pond, not unlike Born Ruffians mixed with Wolf Parade.

Blackfish, a heavy as hell beast of a group with an interesting twist.

Cats and Cats and Cats, Who I’ve blogged about before.

Meet Me In St Louis, I love this band and their jittery athletics attitude to song structure.

Pennines, make some ace tunes in a indie-emo style not unlike…

This Town Needs Guns, who I have also blogged about.

Rolo Tomassi, bring a treat to the table with a remix of the exclusive 7” single, another of my new favourite bands.

Tubelord, well you can see my 7” single review for more on them bellow.

4 Or 5 Magicians, make great tunes, ones to watch out for.

To be honest there isn’t a bad track on this compilation, I’m going to go and let them all sink in right now. Thank you Big Scary Monsters and Merry Fucking 50 XreleasesMass (Blackfish joke-centric).

P.S. there are to many bands to link up so find them your self I’m not your mum!

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