Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Radioactive Man – Growl

Radioactive Man has been on my radar for quite some time I have a nice selection of his 12” records they are full of excellent slabs of crunchy, break-beat, electro, rave, techno music with fat baselines and a bright, funky edge. This is the first album I have heard from him and it’s full of more of the same beastly dance floor numbers. Radioactive Man is the brainchild of half of the excellent Two Loan Swordsman. Not Andrew Weatherall the absolute legend but the other one Keith Tenniswood. I understand this album has been a long time coming because of his hard work with the aforementioned group and DJ commitments. I’m not at all disappointed though Growl is a really good album. The sound is aimed right at the dance floor but is also a pleasure for home listening there are even some vocal tracks with Dot Allison. I love her voice on electro and techno records she has also worked with Vitalic before to great effect. This is a grate record that reminds me of summer for some reason, maybe it’s the warm baselines and bouncy style. Growl is one of the more accessible bits of music I have heard from Radioactive Man, compared to the last slice I heard which was a massive rave style banger. We don’t quite reach those heights here in terms of intensity but the album is still spot on and very catchy indeed. The synth motifs should get you moving with ease, the crunchy beats really punch hard and make Growl infectious. Radioactive Man even manages to steer away from the 80s revival sound that far to many dance acts go for, Growl sounds pretty modern just like electro should. Go and check it out, its one of the best dance style records I have heard all year.

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