Saturday, 24 May 2008

Eurovision ‘Song’ Contest

Well it turns out this musical monstrosity is on this very evening. They have even replaced Doctor Who in the schedule for it, the freaks. Eurovision is like Saturday night light entertainment hell, with the worst excuse for pop music known to mankind fighting it out to see who will take the crown of the biggest shit on the pile, brilliant. Eurovision could only be saved if two things happened:

Flight of the Concords became European citizens and decided to take the fourth most popular novelty folk act in New Zealand all the way to European glory. Featuring a full length Flight of the Concords special on their fight to the top. My vote would go for them coming 6th with All The Ladies Of The World. Expect a review of their ace album as soon as I get my hands on it.

Half of Daft Punk and an ace French talent joined forces to make a catchy sexy little number for their country.

Well number two has happened as Sebastien Tellier is entering Eurovision with the track Divine from his excellent album Sexuality from earlier this year. Sexuality is produced by half of Daft Punk AKA man in a robot suit, Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo. The track has caused a little controversy in France apparently as News 24 informs me, it is the first ever track to be sung entirely in English for a French entry. I think They have to at least do a little bit in French for it to be eligible, so expect a Eurovision exclusive mix, wow imagine that. Well that was either the controversy or the video has some teen thugs tearing up the Paris Suburbs in a violent and insane manner, no wait that was the Justice video for Stress.

Any way Sebastien Tellier probably has no hope in hell of winning with his shiny disco sex pop number. The top prize will no doubt go to some perineum with no talent and less hair. Viva La Eurovision!

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