Tuesday, 27 May 2008


You read right the artist is _ and the album is also _. This is another excellent Rack & Ruin Records release (RRR041) to be exact. _ is a very modest Japanese artist who makes a kind of ambient noise that sounds like a soundtrack to a as yet unmade film, maybe by Gus Van Sant about someone bumbling along with beautiful arty shots and not much dialog. Even the tracks are un-named on _ by _ its so aloof yet so beautiful and almost thrown together. _ takes you on a journey through the means of sound and sound alone. A wurr feeds through this album and adds a slightly disconcerting atmosphere through out the 33 tracks. There are chaotic passages of strummed and skeletal instruments, distant hums and field recordings all mixed together to make tapestries of sound. I was even surprised to hear a little grunge riffing on the guitar, ace stuff. To quote _, "You hear this album and will feel boring. Contact me, if the other thing is felt. The 32nd music played the folk song of the place where I live in". The 32nd track is the only named one, it goes by the name of Asadoya Yunta, who is maybe someone who helped out? Maybe. _ English might not be to good and the modest and vague description doesn’t do this release justice at all, _ is damn lovable for it though. I am on tender hooks waiting and listening where _ will take me next, its almost like reading a book and watching the story un-fold in front of you. In-fact it would be a perfect soundtrack to the book The Coma by Alex Garland, in which you aren’t sure if the protagonist is awake or not as we shift from descriptions of reality to complete chaos and day dream worlds. If The Coma were to be made into a film I would quite happily listen to a _ soundtrack for it. _ is part disturbing, part noise, part beautiful and warm _ by _ is wholly absorbing. Check out _’s myspace here and the Rack & Ruin Artist page here. The go and download it for free from them it’s well worth it.

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