Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Minilogue – Animals

More from the minimal camp now, this album is a mix and an original artist album all at once on Sven Vath’s Cocoon label. Minilogue bring a vast number of styles to Animals from atmospheric chilled out stuff to prime time minimal. There are some beautiful bass sounds and warm feeling throughout. Minilogue are a joy to listen to each tune draws you in close and takes the whole album forward as a whole.

We build to Hitchhiker’s Choice, which is a nice acid style, bleepy, tech number that builds the first section of CD one well. The idea of an artist album that is also a mix really appeals to me in this day and age where much of what some people listen to is a single or some tracks from albums. Animals is a journey over two discs and benefits from this style. There are some pretty funky tunes on here too, some of it reminds me of old Detroit techno with the 808 drum machines. Loud, is an ace slice of minimal almost electro sounding tune, that builds its tight groove into a warm and slow dance floor wiggle. The strings that tease its self in and out before dropping into the next track are beautiful. This could well be a perfect soundtrack to the summer, when the sun comes down whip out the Minilogue, set up a stereo outside and have a BBQ. 33000 Honeybees makes me think this especially with its bird noise loops and bubbling acid baseline, which starts to build us slowly to a crescendo, I love Acid! Minimal techno is starting to get some really good full albums with Ellen Alien’s Sool and this being released this year alone. Minimal is such a visceral musical style each tweak and glitch awakens the senses, the mist subtle of noises can raise a smile and get you moving. The tune Jamaica is pretty much an anthem for the minimal dance floor. The bubbles and tweaks build to something damn special. With fat synth groves and killer drums. View Of A Juggling Ball, Giant Hair Super Monster and Hypnotized are amazing pieces of acid drenched freaked out wobblers that make the second half of the first CD a joy to behold. The title track Animals is such a great tune; it has intensity and a synth hook to die for. It twists and freaks out in such wonderful ways. This is deconstructed beautifully into the final track on CD one. Yes that’s right that was just CD one and its already very impressive. In A Distance brings it to a close with a brooding minimal track. Now for the flip side, bring on CD two.

The next phase of the journey Minilogue take us on is an even more beautiful atmospheric leg to close the trip. The drones of sweet sound ease us in with gentle chimes and sweeps. Some mellow heart beats wind their way through the tapestry. Minimal ticks are present but less frequent and spaced out. In some ways it reminds me of an up to date version of KLF’s Chillout album. We are treated to some more organic sounds and traditional instruments on CD two as well Six Arms And One Leg has guitar and maybe even double bass loops. Bird song even flickers through: and a voice talking about floating and trees. Its all still pretty bright sounding we don’t head towards Murcof (see other posts for Murcof review) style dark space and time. The percussion is beautiful and many of the tracks feed off the rhythms. Although CD two of Animals is ambient in nature it still works well as a minimal piece of work and even stretches the genre a little wider. Jazzy high hats proliferate In The Shade Of The Sun, which is a standout ambient track. It’s not unlike an old tune on the Cold Cut Journeys by a DJ mix with all the horses in it, well minus the hours. In The Shade Of The Sun comes to a close with the most delicate twangs of a lonesome guitar as warm and friendly synths fade in, so beautiful. A three part track segment comes in called Stations I, II and III. There are some good looped noisey yet subtle parts in here. The beat-less portions are something to behold. There really is something for everyone here if you like minimal and like to chill out some time after Animals is a treat. I think I have gushed enough about this now if you read this far well done, and you must love the album as much as I do or should really grab a copy soon.

Minilogue even have some mixes to download on their website

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