Monday, 12 May 2008

Johnny Foreigner – Demo

Today I have got a bit excited about the prospect of JoFo’s album Waited Up ‘Till It Was Light being released on the 2nd June, I’m pretty sure its released then anyway. The more I hear this band the more endeared I become by them and their music. This prompted me to track down their 15-track demo, to fuel my excitement. The recordings are lo-fi as expected from a demo, but the songs are all damn excellent and shine through by miles. As roomer has it many of the tunes on the demo made it to the album proper in a better mixed state obviously. They sound like an excited guitar power pop band here, I can’t actually pick a favourite demo track they are all really cool. JoFo are a wonderful live band and great fun to see, go and buy their t-shirts, EP, new album Waited Up ‘Till It Was Light (which is an adorable title), maybe even buy them a drink as in their tour diaries they always seem skint. Just love the JoFo, go on go and do it right now.

Johnny Foreigner - Demo
P.S. A track by track description of the album has just been stuck up on DiS if your wern't already excited enough as it is. Find it here.

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