Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Flying Lotus – Los Angeles

FlyLo is incredible I am looking forward to Los Angeles on Warp records, which is released next month. The artwork looks brilliant as always from Warp and their artists. The music is something else it, it’s a cross between hip-hop, dubstep, IDM, crunk, jazz, and well allsorts really. The drums are off kilter and the groves wonky, see more about getting your wonk on, on posts bellow. The music isn’t far removed from other Warp artists such as Prefuse 73 and other releases that verge on the hip-hop. This is a classic sounding Warp record in all its glory, not the indie band kind like Born Ruffians and Maximo Park, but the good old pushing the boundaries electronic freakouts. FlyLo is the nephew of Alice Coltrain the jazz composer and wife of the famous John Coltrain, so it seems pushing musical boundaries are in his blood. There are echoes of the hip-hop producers Madlib in FlyLo’s work you could almost imagine MF Doom riding these beats with ease. Los Angeles is a instrumental album however, a superb underwater some may even say aquacrunk album. FlyLo is re-affirming my love of the excellent dance music spectrum.


Anonymous said...

yeah this is dope
have you heard 2tall's The Softer diagram on Content out of Los Angeles

James said...

I haven't heard that dude I will try check it out, thanx for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean john COLTRANE.

MilesOfTrane said...

From my album note: "...As I struggle to understand the later free form avant-garde works of John Coltrane, I can't help but wonder if music like this made by Flying Lotus was where John was headed. He died way too young and never got it quite there, but I'm left to wonder if given another 20, 30, 40 years of life he would have lead some of the sea-changes in jazz that were hinted at in his last years and days, the kinds of movements Miles Davis saw to fruition -- and whether they would have headed in this kind of direction. That may be asking too deep a question 60 years after the fact, but in my mind it's all connected...."

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