Saturday, 3 May 2008

Tubelord – Feed Me A Box Of Words 7” & CDR

Tubelord are one of my favourite new bands, and one of the best live acts I’ve seen this year, a truly exciting addition to the Big Scary Monsters camp. This 7” single features Feed Me A Box Of Words on the A side and Obstacles on the flip. There is also the added bonus of getting a CDR with the two vinyl tracks and a extra one called Night Of The Pencils. The title track Feed Me A Box Of Words is a wonderful track of heavy indie pop. The drums and guitar are so energetic and funky; it’s a true joy to listen to. The vocals go from screaming to sweet high male parts, through to group chanting. It’s a very catchy number indeed. Not unlike a slightly more indie Meet Me In St Louis or At The Drive-In. There are many parts to Tubelord’s tunes each one a wonder to behold. I love it when they whip out the xylophone. The flip side Obstacles in the B side is another great tune in a similar vain, Tubelord don’t really do a bad tune out of the few I have herd live and on record each one is a corker. Night Of The Living Pencils is the sweetest tune of this bunch, they still rock pretty hard mind. The addition of a synth is ace too; it’s a dirty little number when it gets going. The youthful energy is something else on this single I can’t recommend Tubelord highly enough catch them live buy their singles and cross your fingers for an EP or album. In the mean time check them out on myspace where they even have some downloands for you.

Tubelord on Myspace
Big Scary Monsters

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