Friday, 23 May 2008

Volcano! – Beautiful Seizure

This record came right out of the blue for me sometime in 2005/2006 I can’t remember when I first heard it. And now I have heard news that Volcano! Are putting the finishing touches on a new album it has got me excited and I think it’s about time to dig out Beautiful Seizure again. I say dig out it hasn’t been hidden to far in the back of my record collection since it was released all those years ago.

The album title Volcano! Beautiful Seizure sums up the sound completely for me. It’s like explosions and fragile sporadic freak-outs all at once. Volcano! Sound massive and overblown but in a truly wonderful way. Its playful, fun, cathartic and full of emotion all at once. The single Apple Or A Gun, is just perfect to my ears and the most accessible track on Beautiful Seizure, it was one of my favourite moments in music when it was released. Right when the 4x4 kick comes in near the end and the whole track explodes into dance floor frenzy is sublime. The whole album is full to the brim with ace tunes and twists to take you somewhere else. I haven’t really heard anything quite like it before, I almost wanted to put this in a modern classic’s article but thought it could be a bit early for that kind of behaviour.

Volcano! Combine mad rhythms, deranged guitars, skitters of electronic noise and glitches together with vocals that suit perfectly. This is a power pop masterpiece and a debut album well worth the praise it got back in 2005. I can only imagine what this amazing original band come up with next: I wait with baited breath…

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