Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Nasty Fest IX Preview: Lets Get Excited!

This is happening at the weekend in Leeds and it is set to be pretty special. I don’t know many of the bands lower down on the bill so I thought I would investigate the worldwide interweb for clues the following is what I found starting from the very bottom of the bill, oh and all findings are pretty much based on first listens on myspace which is far from ideal:


They are a local band from Leeds; they make some kind of sludgy grunge rock, quite enjoyable.

hay! Panda:
Thank you to the nice anonymous commenter to this post for a link has now been found yay! hay! Panda are a dirty little punk disco outfit from Halifax. Ramshackle noisy and fun, they live somewhere between Gang of Four, Deerhoof and LCD Soundsystem.

Paul Marshall:

Acoustic based singer songwriter type from Leeds. All very nice and everything: some beautiful melodies on the guitar overall a nice warm up.

Lord Auch:

They seem to be the first southerners on the bill. Apparently they sound like no trampled path as indicated on their myspace, yet they sound like rock-a-billy and many other things. I might go for something to eat for this lot. I hope I’m proved wrong.

Spodni Pradlo:

A band from Bradford that play really refreshing mellow indie pop with a range of influences from Animal Collective to Charlie Brooker. Twee-Core and not afraid to show it. Good Stuff.

Cutting Pink With Knives:
I’m vaguely familiar with this band and have heard good things about them. I have been meaning to pick up their album populuxxe from Holy Roar for some time. They make a electro punk kind of noise pop hardcore which sounds pretty fun. The first refreshingly unhinged band.

Dinosaur Pile-Up:

Really quite catchy melodramatic pop songs verging on the indie/roc/grunge theme. I really like the tunes on the myspace, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do for their set.

Pulled Apart By Horses:

Dirty, scuzzy, powerful rock racket. They pretty much sound like what being pulled apart by horses would be like in rock form. I like that about them.

Napoleon IIIrd:

Make some experimental electro style pop music. I first came across this group on a compilation on Dance To The Radio records in of Forward, Russia fame. The tunes on myspace sound even more promising than they did on that compilation.

Slow Club:

Sweet Jesus this lot are twee a girl boy duo on vocals and acoustic guitar, that make a sweet sweet sweet twee indie folk sweet pop sweetness that I will either find so annoying it hurts or just sunny fun and beautiful. I’m hoping for the latter of course.

Soiled Mattress & The Springs:

Deranged New Yorkers with many ace friends on their myspace page including No Age and BARR they are also touring with Abe Vigoda, No Age and Liars so this looks very promising indeed. They sound like a jazzy quirky instrumental seaside organ band in the best possible way. This might well be an ace way to follow the twee to extreme Slow Club in a fun way.

A Place To Bury Strangers:

I have heard their name but not their music. The myspace starts with some ace digital drum beats and fuzzy and cool guitar noise riffs. All the way from Brooklyn to bring the noise this could be brilliant. A digital hardcore psychedelic scuzz rock band.

Cadence Weapon:

Are a IDM/Hip-Hop/House group on Big Dada records. They are gona get the party going really well they are even rocking Fabric out the night before and I freaking love that place so much. Hi energy electro beats and a great flow is going to get us jumping. The album looks like it needs to be bought.

No Age:
Well if you have read this blog before you will know I love No Age with a passion. I am so excited that I am going to actually see them live. The records for me are a perfect lo-fi art punk-shoegaze hybrid that I haven’t been so excited about in a long time. This is going to be outstanding.

The Mae-Shi:

Again if you read this blog often, which I doubt you do unless you’re my mum. You will know that The Mae-Shi are officially the most fun band in the world ever, more brilliant Smell action all in a row at Nasty Fest IX. I can’t wait to be apart of their performance again its such a joy.


Now the headliners of the night and the culmination of this evenings proceedings from the bands. I think after The Mae-Shi, Yeasyayer will be a nice mellow and joyful show. I’m not very familiar with their stuff but the album has been highly prised and the single song I have heard 2080 is really nice. So high hopes from this lot, even if The Mae-Shi are going to be my highlight along with No Age.

So that’s all the bands it looks to be a great day and it doesn’t stop there either the DJ’s then start to kick off DiS DJ’s surely can’t play bad tunes? Bad Sneakers, Sex Beat and Art Goes Pop will bring the party to a close in style I’m sure. So bring it on Nasty Fest IX here we come.


Anonymous said...

that's hey! Panda's page. did you search for hey! Panda or hay! Panda? cos there's plenty on google for hey! Panda

James said...

Brilliant thank you very much, I will go and have a listen right now and stick up the link. I can't rember what I searched for now but I obviously didn't do it very well.

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