Friday, 2 May 2008

Mystery Jets – Twenty One

Their new sound is a welcome departure to there last album in my opinion. They are making some brilliant indie synth pop here. There new image is also really fun and 80s, the video for stand out single Two Doors Down is pretty special. On production duties is Erol Alkan the all round dance music indie fusion mastermind behind legendary club Trash. Twenty One starts with Hide Away which sounds not unlike the klaxons, with its opening sirens and phat synths over a dance beat, all very catchy stuff. We are right into first single Young Love FT. Laura Marling after that and this tune is pure brilliant catchy pop, with twangy guitars wonderful vocals and an ace acid house style bass line too. This grove isn’t stopped with the next song Half In Love With Elizabeth, which is in the same vain but not quite as good. The production is very slick and shiny with the band playing wonderfully and Erol adding the odd synth and other elements. For me Twenty One sags a little bit after the first three songs until oober excellent single Two Doors Down this is by far my favourite song on the album and should also get to number one in the charts. The song deals with love and longing over a ace and punchy 80s pop hit. It could have been made any time in the 80s really, but it manages to steer clear of being a piss take. The chiming synths are so good and bring this hit alive. Two Doors Down even has a sax solo, how brilliant is that? After these dizzy highs Twenty One seems to tail off by the end which is a shame. Yet we are left with a very good indie pop album with some of the singles of the year so far Young Love and Two Doors Down. It’s the sound of a young band going out on their own and having fun in their favourite clubs to their favourite tunes, you can feel the love and joy that has gone into this album well done Mystery Jets.

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