Friday, 23 May 2008

Robots In Disguise @ Fibbers, York, 22nd May 2008

This band is my sister Farlie's (who also happens to be my number one rapper) favourite band, as she loves girls who shout stuff to electro music. So them hitting York again was a must, if not just to see her get all excited. There were two support bands and they were so embarrassing it was unreal. I won’t even say their names and that isn’t just because I can’t remember them. First group on sounded like a bad mixture of Oasis and chart trance, with epic long songs that didn’t go anywhere at all it was so dull. The only saving grace was the two girls in the band where pretty and one was dressed interestingly. The next band where massively embarrassing, they looked like Cyber Goths mixed with The Smiths. Their songs where cringe worthy slabs of boredom. So far so rubbish and it was a bit like being at a school disco everyone was so young and boring. The screeching of the young girls hurt my ears almost as much as the bands. I nearly went to get some earplugs from the bar, but settled for just having a piss instead.

Robots In Disguise still managed to rescue the night with their party time electro pop, which sounds kind of out of date yet still fun. Their older tracks like Turn It Up where the highlights. I find their toy box style dressing up quite adorable and this added to the school disco vibe of the evening. There was a sizable crowd at Fibbers to see them which was pretty surprising to me as I had seen an amazing bill the other week and the place was hardly half full. Robots In Disguise was even on a school night! They got the kids dancing and where pretty fun, but they didn’t blow my mind at all. Then I don’t think they are aimed at me for some reason. Bless Farlie for having the taste of a 14 year old girl. Tee Hee Hee, love you!

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