Saturday, 10 May 2008

Hercules And Love Affair

This DFA release is a super sleek slice of disco from the darker side of the dance floor. It has a truly disco heart and isn’t afraid to show it, and to great effect. There is also an old school house feel to some tracks; you can hear the influence of such great artists as Jamie Principle and Inner City. Hercules And Love Affair also manage to sound quite modern all at once, not at all out of place on the DFA roster. The vocal contributions from Antony of Antony and the Johnson’s are wonderful. And fit perfectly on one of the stand out songs in particular, the chart smash Blind and You Belong has excellent vocals from Nomi. This album could be seen as pure disco revivalism but I think its good enough to be more than that, even if it isn’t perfect, the album is really good in the first half and then tails off somewhat. Hercules Theme is a nice bit of horn lead disco and one of the best instrumental numbers. I’m a big fan of all things DFA and this isn’t my favourite album by a long shot from them but it is a wonderful and fun loving disco record worth at least some of the hype it has got earlier in the year.

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