Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Dragon Rapide – II

The Dragon Rapide, are a now defunked inde-emo-afrobeat-math-core-instrumental-jazz-pop band on Leeds label Chinchilla-Tone, who are well friendly and are doing good things. This is perfect music for the appearance of the sun his week. II is the sound of Africa played through a traditional band set up. The beats are jazzy yet indie and the guitars clean and echo around in places as the other guitar is hammered on and off to make brilliant tappy melodies. This is music for the summer and for anyone who wants so indie-afro-pop but finds Vampire Weekend dull, well in my eyes anyway. The artwork is really nice; I love the expression on the face of the man-cat. The stand out tracks for me are: Rubixam’hand and Kissing The Shuttle. II is a joy from beginning to end, it’s a shame the band are no more. The members are doing other things now mind and Chinchilla-Tone has a festival coming in May in Leeds showcasing such bands as; Cowtown, Gay Against You, DJ Scotch Egg and a.P.A.T.t who are all worth checking out amongst others. Check out more from The Dragon Rapide and Chinchilla-Tone below.

The Dragon Rapide

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