Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Jimi The Exploder Presents: Lo-Fi-Tronic

I did this mix about a month ago and have decided to share it with you as it has some grate tunes on it. Here is a track-by-track description of the mix-tape style compilation that you can download at the bottom of the post. Its 1 hour 19 mins 45 sec’s of pure joy for your ears, perfect for the summer time on your mp3 player or burned onto a CD. Also go and check out all the artists I have found links for you to do just that, its all for the love of music.

Final Fantasy & Ed Droste - Possibly Maybe
This is a cover version of the Bjork song by the ace Final Fantasy and a member of Grizzly Bear, it’s a beautiful violin and beat combo that brings the mix-tape in with style and atmosphere. You can find the tune on
Stereogum on a Bjork tribute album for free.

Youthmovies – Cannulae
This is one of my favourite songs on Youthmovies debut album Good Nature. It’s a beautiful post-rock, indie ballad, deep house textured math tune. The thumping beat reminds me of old school house which brings me to…

Jungle Wonz - Bird In A Gilded Cage
This gem by Marshall Jefferson has a wonderful synth base line that reminds me of Voodoo Ray, yet pre-dates that by some time. It’s a deep jungle sampling tune that reminds me why I love house music so much.

Aphex Twin – Bbydhyonchord
I always mean to put this tune on mix-tapes yet forget, so I rectified that this time. It’s also a good bridge from the old school house, with its tribal style electro drums and sad moldy, to the noise section of the mix.

Fuck Buttons - Sweet love For Planet Earth
This is my favourite track from the album Street Horrrsing, it stands out a mile with its epic fuzz and growl. The tinkling melody draws you in even further to this hypnotic beast.

Rolo Tomassi - C Is For Drowning Under Waves Of Listless Apathy (Ornie Remix)
Rolo Tomassi are one of my favourite new bands, their so young and so talented. This is a remix that is on the end of their EP. It’s a scary schizophrenic almost funky bit of noise that has to be heard to be believed. For some reason this reminds me of G-Funk hip-hop.

Matmos - Rainbow Flag
This is the start of my lo-fi dance floor section. Matmos just use keyboards right into a computer and make some good stuff. This tune was found on Pitchfork as a free download and has stuck in my head since. I don’t really know too much about them to comment further.

Oh Astro - Journey To The Centre
I believe this was another Pitchfork find, and again I don’t know much about them. But this tune is a beautiful loop ridden stomper of a lo-fi-tronic persuasion, brilliant for driving round to in the sunshine.

The Mae-Shi - Kingdom Come
Officially declared the most fun band in all the land on this very blog, see my live review for amazing scenes and details. This is from their album “HLLLYH” and it is the disco centre piece in this amazing party record filled with spazzed out punk and lo-fi electronics, more of this stuff later in the mix too.

Cluster – Caramel
I stumbled upon this tune on a mix by Klaxons and fell in love with it. It sounds like a really old electro number with irresistible synths and melodies. Wonderful stuff.

Seventeen Evergreen - Ensoniq (Bi Polar Men Refix)
This is an almost dub-step slanted electro break-beat tune. I have been spinning it quite a lot since I found it in the middle of last year some time. This brings my lo-fi-tronic dance floor section to an end.

Forward,Russia! - We Are Grey Matter
Now we start to bring songs to the dance floor with actual words and passion. We Are Grey Matter is a tune from Forward Russia’s new album Life Processes. I love the fat drum beat in a 4x4 tempo and the way it builds into a mathed out rock tune.

!!! - Heart Of Hearts
Well !!! are a party band that make excellent dance music out of a bit mad band. Heart Of Hearts is my stand out track from last years amazing Myth Takes album. It reminds me of 90s dance done by an indie band, but in a good way.

Why? - These Few Presidents
I start to bring things to a close by slowing the pace a down with some Why? This is a brilliant tune from their recent album Alopecia. The lyric ‘Yours is a funeral I would fly to from anywhere’ gets me every time. It’s a catchy slice of hip-hop infused geeky indie pop.

MGMT - Time To Pretend
Now for the anthems to really hammer the mix home, with the closes I get to an indie sing along. This song reminds me of Flaming Lips and with good reason as their producer helped them out with it. Its also a brilliant indie pop tune for the summer time. Makes me think of the closing segment of this years Skins series too, and I have a soft spot for that show.

The Mae-Shi - Run To Your Grave
I had to finish with The Mae-Shi because I just love them so much. Run To The Grave is just a perfect song in my opinion I can’t get enough of it and it could well be one of the songs of the year. If it got more play it would get well into the sub-conscious of the music buying public. Run, Run, Run To Your Grave!

That’s the end of the mix-tape, I did it all on
Audacity with the slightest of editing together, I just wanted the tunes to flow and speak for them selves. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Go and buy the music of these amazing artists if you find something you love.


David - Separated By Motorways said...
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David - Separated By Motorways said...

Thanks, this looks like it should be pretty good!

James said...

No problem, thanx for comenting, hope you enjoy it. I'm working on another one already. I like your site, I will keep checking it out.

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