Thursday, 15 May 2008

Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours

In Ghost Colours has had some good press since it dropped, I have herd their fabric mix and some remixes quite a while ago but to be honest I can’t remember much about their sound at all. After listening to In Ghost Colours I can see why I didn’t remember very much, Cut Copy are quite unremarkable to my ears. It’s all very nice and everything, but it all sounds like Milo and 80’s revival dance acts of recent times all over again. This time they add some vocals and a slight hint of floaty shoegaze styling so the proceedings. I struggle to find a song that jumps out at me, its all so samey and in one mood. Its inoffensive to the ears and I can see it being played throughout the summer on a sun drenched beach bar far away, it might even make an impact in the pop charts. Maybe I’m being grumpy and this is actually brilliant, only time will tell, as I’m not convinced just yet. Wait for the end of year lists and see if it’s remembered. To leave the review on a more positive note I really love the artwork. Writing this was mostly an opportunity to post that picture in all its niceness.

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