Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Final Fantasy & Cadence Weapon

These two did a radio station in Canada a while back and I found out about it yesterday and was very interested to hear it. I love both artists and couldn’t wait to hear Owen Pallett’s violin and loop-based music with Cadence Weapon rapping on the top. It works perfectly and each artist taes centre stage for three of their own numbers featuring the other in turn. We get hip-hop beats and ghostly violins that work so damn well together. The track list follows then check it out for your self in the link bellow.

Cadence Weapon – Grim Fandango (with Final Fantasy)
Cadence Weapon – Sharks (with Final Fantasy)
Cadence Weapon – Mini TV’s (with Final Fantasy)
Final Fantasy – Paris 1919 (with Cadence Weapon)
Final Fantasy – This is the dream of win & regine (with Cadence Weapon)
Final Fantasy – What do you think will happen next (with Cadence Weapon)

Final Fantasy & Cadence Weapon

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