Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Wildildlife – Six

This is an album from last year that I have just come across on the Crucial Blast label. It sounds like a long hazy day spent lost in the woods, well if the woods where a bit mental and psychedelic. Wildildlife make a kind of psych-folk-rock haze like a tame version of Comets On Fire or a heavy version of well… Folk music. I guess it even has some post rock leanings too. The artwork is beautiful I love the picture of the skull on the cover especially. The first track is by far the stand out and most accessible, Things Will Grow is almost a pop number compared to the rest of the album. It starts with stomping drums and some ace hooks follow. Magic Jordan, which I don’t think is a tribute to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, is the best epic tune on Six coming in at 18 mins it’s a hefty piece of work. Wildildlife may take a few listens to get into but its worth it if you’re in a hazy sun burnt fuzz and scuzz kind of mood. Six played loud is a beauty, I wonder why its called Six mind, as it has seven tracks, maybe its something in the songs, I can’t work out many of the echo drenched lyrics though. Wildildlife sound like they are making music in the bottom of a basement in the woods after escaping from an evil desert. Not perfect and not to everyone’s taste but I kind of like it.

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