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Nasty Fest IX Review: That Was Exciting!

Well where to start with Nasty Fest IX, maybe the beginning? Yeah go on then. We decided to go a little later to save our energy for the mad bands at the end, plus my sister wanted to treat me to pizza, brilliant. Oh yeah this is a music blog bear with me. After much searching the Faversham was found and just in time for Slow Club.

Slow Club where alright I wasn’t blow away by them at all. They were a bit lacklustre in their performance, plus there was a lot of people around the edges talking, which didn’t help with the quite numbers. I would maybe listen to them at home or at a different gig. Slow club eased us in with some mellow twee-indie-pop and they really like The Mae-Shi so that’s a bonus, and later the girl joined them for a acoustic intro to Run To Your Grave, which was really nice and which pretty much descended into madness after she finished, but more on that later.

Lord Auch impressed me live as appose to their myspace tunes, which didn’t do them many favours. The drummer had a brilliant swing to the rhythm, and a dirty low-slung base that added to the rock’n’roll grove. They didn’t sound unlike 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster if they made music in the 50s and didn’t rock out as much. The vocals where both terrible and perfect for their sound in that it drew together all the elements well.

Unfortunatly Cutting Pink With Knives had cancelled, which was a shame as I was looking forward to seeing them.

A Place To Bury Strangers where on next in the main room so we headed over for some really loud and fuzzy rock. They are a bit like My Bloody Valentine but without the ace tunes. But their set was pretty enjoyable overall. They either played in complete darkness or with the strobe on for ages. They made some serious noise that kind of hurt your ears at points.

Dinosaur Pile-Up from the little I saw of them where pretty good. I couldn’t get very close because the smaller room was so packed for them. I’m sure they were really good from the crowed they pulled. The sound at the back was incredibly bad, so I gave in and went to the bar to get a drink and head to the front for Cadence Weapon in the main room.

Cadence Weapon really got the party started, I was so impressed with them. DJ Wheezel was amazing and the best DJ I have seen live since Cut Chemist. I was enjoying him so much I even started a Wheezel chant that people joined in with. Cadence Weapon brought back the acid house style IDM influenced party hip-hop with great style. They where the only group on the bill like this and it was so refreshing. His word play was magnificent and the flow was one of the best I have heard in recent times. There was a lot of hipsters throwing hip-hop shapes which was well funny, hell the Faversham is full to the brim with hipsters with perfect hair and dresses, bless them and their trendy ways. Any way back to Cadence Weapon their latest single House Music was one of the highlights of the evening for me. I was so impressed I had to go and get the album from Cadence Weapon himself so expect a review of that soon, we bonded a little bit over Acid House and the old Jungle Brothers lyrics he used to close his set. I’LL HOUSE YOU, I’LL HOUE YOU, I’LL HOUSE YOU, YOUR IN MY HUT NOW! I’LL HOUSE YOU, I’LL HOUE YOU, I’LL HOUSE YOU, YOUR IN MY HUT NOW! I’LL HOUSE YOU, I’LL HOUE YOU, I’LL HOUSE YOU, YOUR IN MY HUT NOW! I’LL HOUSE YOU, I’LL HOUE YOU, I’LL HOUSE YOU, YOUR IN MY HUT NOW!

Soiled Mattress & The Springs, as I predicted where a bit like a jazz/rock group playing seaside music, this was confirmed by the actual real beach balls flying about for their set. I was still on a high from the Cadence Weapon set so had a little boogie to them. Some of the tunes had a good grove to them and where enjoyable, other parts of tunes didn’t quite do it for me mind.

No Age: now I was so excited about seeing them I was like a giddy school child. They had some sound issues with the microphone during the first song, but that was still awesome. They played the tracks perfectly from their albums, completely spot on. The mentioned that the first person to start crowd surfing would get a free No Age T-shirt, this started a lot of mayhem. There were people in the air and a mosh-pit ensued. I got right into this madness and each song after the pit started was perfect for it too. No Age’s set seemed short and sweet but I was so involved it could have been quite long. I would love to see them again as apparently they have been better in previous shows recently. I can’t wait to find out how true that is.

We all decided to wait around for The Mae-Shi and chill out after the No Age craziness. We would need our energy for ‘the most fun band in all the land’ as I like to call them.

The Mae-Shi where on really good form and I’m pretty sure they remembered us from the York gig recently in which we went crazy for them. The crowd was a lot bigger as expected at Nasty Fest so they didn’t do as much in the audience. They still came in for some shouting and to throw the sheet over the top of everyone for Leech and Locus. They played a good load of old stuff, which was really good to hear. They seemed to be more rock and hardcore this time, I liked that. To chill out the crowd the Slow Club girl came on to play her cover version of Run to Your Grave acoustically, at least I’m pretty sure it was that girl. When she finished all hell broke loose as The Mae-Shi went into their version of the tune, which is kind of like their most well known and maybe their catchiest tune. My friend tapped me on the shoulder and said lets get on the stage, so we headed up there and others where encouraged to by the band. The stage filled with people and the band played the rest of the set with us up there singing along and having a laugh, it was brilliant. I just hope it didn’t spoil the enjoyment for others not willing to stage invade. As always The Mae-Shi where so sweet and friendly at the end of their set with high-fives and hand shakes. I love The Mae-Shi such a great live band, buy the albums see the shows you wont be disappointed.

Yeasayer where the last on the bill and it was so nice to have a band that weren’t crazy and you could just listen to and relax. Their African sounding psychedelic indie pop was so very nice. They didn’t blow me away but I enjoyed it ever so much. The tracks 2080 was stunning but the highlight by far was when Cadence Weapon joined the band for a free style on rising Sun, I think that’s what it was called, I haven’t got the album as yet. This was the end of the night for me, we decided to head home.

Overall Nasty Fest IX was brilliant I think you can guess which bands where the best for me. Cadence Weapon, No Age, The Mae-Shi really stood out big time. The Faversham is ok as a venue the sound was pretty good even with some technical hitches. It was full to the brim of posing hipsters mind, which usually brings the mood down a bit, but for the people at the front the passion wasn’t lost. I’m a little disappointed I couldn’t see all of the bands but at least I gave them so props on my preview the other day, at a festival you are never going to see everyone you want, all sorts get in the way of that. Great stuff, enjoyable night, even the cancellation of my train home and the freaking wait for a replacement bus couldn’t put much of a dampener on the night.

P.S. I have no idea what picture to use so why not have somthing cute, this is the internet after all.

P.P.S. DiS stuck up some photes of Nasty Fest IX go and chek them out here.

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