Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Nine Inch Nails – The Slip

Now I have listened to this record a few times I can give an opinion on it. The Slip is a wonderful album, yet again. Its pretty much split into two half’s the first being an up-tempo almost party style record. The last half is a more mellow and brooding affair. Each section is brilliant, enjoyable and works as a whole. This is the sound of Trent Reznor having fun in the studio then having a bit of a relaxing come down session. The two, I guess what you could call singles, Discipline and Echoplex are just brilliant tunes and follow on from each other to good effect on The Slip. For free this album is an absolute bargin and is a great place for NIN beginners to start listening. It sums up Reznors sound damn well, as appose to the Ghosts project, which was a bit of a fan only affair. This could be a ace move for Nine Inch Nails as it promotes their up and coming tour really well and creatively. Reznor gets to pick up new fans and thank all the old ones all at once I don’t think he can lose out really. The art work on the PDF included on the download is pretty nice and reflects the album well. I have herd people mention that this album echoes his most recent work, of Year Zero, I haven’t herd that album though. I will finish as the album does with the mellow half. Lights In The Sky start this off, with a beautiful piano lead ballad NIN style. Trent’s voice is so good when he slows it down to a melancholy breathy brood. Corona Radiata, has a long atmospheric intro like your floating in your own dreams. This same vain runs into the next track, it sounds like the more epic side of Ghosts. The final tune Demon Seed brings some more beat driven beastly synth stuff to the table, just to send you off gagging for a rewind and the higher tempo stuff. Good word Reznor and the NIN band. Maybe I will get chance to talk about other things when you stop releasing surprise albums.

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