Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ratatat – LP3

Ratatat’s music remind me of the theme tune to Monkey you know Monkey Magic… with the Magical Man Monkey going on mad adventures in a Chinese style, but also crossed with a kind of sci-fi-dub cowboy theme to it as well. Ratatat are an electro guitar instrumental group from Brookline and with their third album the imaginatively named LP3 they bring some tasty beats. The sound is pretty retro and verging on the hip-hop at times, I believe they do a lot of remixes for a broad spectrum of artists in that genre and more. In-fact they even get people to remix them too, a while host of artists are going to be remixing tracks off LP3 such as, Animal Collective, YACHT and Zongamin being my choice picks.

LP3 has a distinct air of long lost TV themes to mad 80s sci-fi programs, maybe some of which that never saw the light of day apart from in the minds of Ratatat. They are all very enjoyable though, as you can pretend to be a space cowboy or magical monkey man while you have it playing and that surly cannot be a bad thing. I am however finding it hard to pick a track that really stands out as a absolute beast. This could either mean the whole album is solid and ace or that its all a bit weak, I’m as yet undecided. Over all LP3 is a lot of fun so well done Ratatat there. Something about their hip-hop leanings remind me of the Neptune’s productions, well a New York Hipster version of it anyway. Check out the very enjoyable video for single Mirando bellow and make your own mind up.

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