Thursday, 8 May 2008

No Age – Nouns

I have had this for a while now, but just got my official copy, which is well worth the purchase as not only is the music pretty much perfect but the artwork and over fifty page booklet you get with it full of photos and lyrics from the band is beautiful. I wasn’t as convinced that Nouns was as good as Weirdo Rippers on first listen, but it turns out I was very wrong indeed. This album is most probably album of the year so far and I really don’t want to knock Atlas Sound from the top spot, as they touch me in ways I haven’t experienced for a while in music.

No Age bring short and snappy punk style shoegaze to the next level on Nouns. Every song is awesome and full to the brim with ideas. It’s a phat record full of fuzz, loops and sound. Eraser even manages to sound like the golden touch by Razorlight and still sound amazing, all be it a twisted version. Teen Creeps is another favourite of mine the little solo part on here makes me want to jump for joy. The song Things I Did When I Was Dead is a mellow looped delight and a really nice break from the guitar noise numbers. It’s also joyful and melancholy all at once. Keechie brings side one of the record home, well it sounds like it does even if I don’t have to flip my CD over to side B to hear it. No Age manage to sound really old and really new all at once it’s a great feet. Sleeper Hold has some killer riffs and is one of the many anthems on Nouns. I bet No Age live are pure gold and incredibly noisy and loud. This is yet another band hailing from LA’s The Smell that has blown me away this week. There are more groups to come from there yet too, but more on that at a later date. Sub Pop have got one hell of a band on their hands with No Age, they have a wicked sound that fits into the roster perfectly and even sits well against people like Nirvana of old. They are full of noise and melody just like the aforementioned grunge heroes. This is the new wave of amazing artists that is making music in 2008 so exciting. Buy their stuff, see their shows love one another.

Read No Age them selves talk you through the album track by track here on

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