Monday, 12 May 2008

Abe Vigoda

This is yet another band from LA’s The Smell. Abe Vigoda’s third album Skeleton will be dropping next month on No Age’s Post Present Medium label, and you got to be interested in what No Age love. I can’t stop playing the song Dead City/ Waste Wilderness which was given away free on ace site rcrdlbl. The tune is a jumbled, fuzzed out, energetic indie pop song that takes inspiration from African music in places and Skate punk in others. Brilliant stuff again from The Smell, the album Skeleton could well be worth a punt, if it has more of this on it.

Abe Vigoda - Dead City/ Waste Wilderness


Anonymous said...

this is a not Abe Vigoda's debut album. this is actually their third full length.

James said...

your right, I have since found this out bu not gone back and changed it. Thanx for the shout :)

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