Thursday, 15 May 2008


Pictureplane’s sound is some where between 8-bit dance like Crystal Castles and Baltimore cut and paste hip-hop beats like Spank Rock. I got tipped off on Pictureplane on Pitchfork in an article about HEALTH and had to check them out. On the myspace they have friends like the aforementioned HEALTH and Drop The Lime who I also love. Pictureplane are from a Denver art scene that comes out of a place called Rhinoceropolis, which from what I can gather is something like LA’s The Smell, an all ages D.I.Y. art space. They seem like kindred spirits, just a quick look on their myspace suggests so as The Mae-Shi are playing there in the near future.

Pictureplane is a one-man band that is pretty much just beats, keyboard and vocals. He makes one hell of a sound though. We get Baltimore booty bass and beats with cut up elements similar to Crystal Castles vocal stuff. There is also a guitar element to some songs as well that add some interesting noise to the proceedings. The vocals are often cut up and pitched up and down for melody effect or echo drenched. The tunes manage to sound both scuzzy, dirty and sun drenched all at once. This is my tip of the day to counter balance my cut copy review earlier. Pictureplane has some tunes up for download in his myspace go and check them out for your self
here. I will do some searching and see what else is coming from Rhinoceropolis soon, it looks promising.


Brent said...

for more denver/rhinoceropolis radness, check out my friends BRDMPPL. i think their tour cd is still offered for free on the website linked from their myspace page. keep an eye out for them, they're working on new stuff that you won't want to miss! glad to see people taking notice of our city!

James said...

Nice one man, that is a brilliant tip off ;)

I will go check them out right away!

Keep the Radness coming from Denver its lookin good.

Brent said...

a few more:

on the darker end of things, my friend brittany does a project called married in berdichev where she uses layered voice, mixer feedback and other minimal elements to make a huge wall of emotional sound. live, it is absolutely chilling. she also just formed a new project with eva from l.a. based noise band kevin shields called caldera lakes:

ryan from bdrmppl makes solo compositions under the name thundercade:

17 year old colin deconstructs mainstream pop into noisy compositions under the name alphabets:

aside from married in berdichev, these are all relatively new bands/projects, and so everyone is just beginning to hone their sounds. but things seriously just keep getting better and better, and new bands keep popping up. definitely exciting times for this city. also exciting is how people are beginning to take notice of rhinoceropolis, who have been holding it down as denver's most consistent diy all ages venue/art space for a number of years now.

James said...

Thats brilliant Brent cheers :)

I will take great joy in checking all those links out!

sweeeeeet :)

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