Saturday, 10 May 2008

Richard Herring @ The Shed, Hovingham, North Yorkshire 10th May 2008

Richard Herring the averaged sized* comedian came to The Shed to give us a comedy treat. Well this isn’t really music but I don’t really care and will carry on anyway. Richard Herring was on vocals with a laughter backing track performed live by us the audience, his rhythmic timing was spot on. That’s about as close as it got to music, so I will stop the analogy right there. The Shed delivered another top night out as usual, Herring came on with no support and warmed up the crowd with his show Oh Fuck, I’m 40! This was a midlife crisis in action in front of your very eyes for just £12 what a bargain. The self proclaimed Kidult wore a tight fit t-shirt and some badass baggy jeans, and even got out his skateboard at one point. The moral of the story was to keep hold of your youth while you can and for goodness sake don’t try and get head through the means of an ironic t-shirt. There was many a nob gag, and in fact one of the jokes was about gagging on a nob until some one died. Of course it was done with a lot of style and humour, even the crude stuff was executed in a lovable way. Herring has a friendly demeanour of a teenager that doesn’t want to grow up. Some of the routines where pure gold, especially the one that was repeated and repeated until everyone was laughing about two lonely people meeting for a one night stand and the argument about Herrings cock size, masterful. This style isn’t dissimilar to Stuart Lee’s his cohort on Lee & Herring all that time ago, he used to be on TV you know. That’s where the similarities end mind. Herring made humour out of what he knew best, accidentally being a teenager trapped in a middle aged comedians body, with a massive cock. It was a very enjoyable night indeed. Oh yeah find him on myspace because he is cool yeah, like the kids.

*Referring to his cock, as he does through much of the show.
P.S. He told everyone not to say he had a avrage sized nob. Ah well.

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