Thursday, 1 May 2008

Torche – Meanderthal

This is heavy stuff, verging on the metal but with a powerful pop heart. I say pop it isn’t going to prop up the charts. I mean catchy songs that are short and punchy. This could be another fight pop record for the year. Torche’s sound is detuned and brutal low slung riffs and the solos are quite low-key affairs. Its like stoner fight pop like you’ve had to many beers and got lost in a desert. Not to far away from some Queens Of The Stone Age, then I’m not a Metal aficionado so there may well be better comparisons. It’s pretty spaced out and fuzzy yet heavy and in your face all at once. The vocals are really good too, there isn’t any screaming or over the top moments that put me off a lot of metal. This is one of the best heavy albums I’ve heard in a while. Meanderthal sums up the sound pretty well a little lazy with a lot of primal energy. I love the art work too, overall Torche Meanderthal is a joyful, powerful record of the heavy persuasion.

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